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We could probably name a hundred reasons why you should travel to the Azores. The Azores are nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they are so remote, mass tourism is non-existent and nature is unspoiled. You’ll never see so many greens in your life! The hills and mountains are covered with grass, Japanese Cedars, Hydrangeas, Ginger Lilies and many other trees and flowers. The contrast with the blue of the sky and the lakes or ocean is incredible!
The Azores are ripe with delicious foods, geographical wonders and landscapes straight out of Jurassic Park. However, due to their isolated location and how expensive it was to reach them, they’re sadly often missed out by visitors to Portugal, and even the Portuguese themselves.
And the top 10 Reasons are:
1. Waterfalls

The number of waterfalls on the Azorean islands is countless. Sometimes you have to do some serious hiking to reach them, but the views are always worth it! If you’re not into hiking; no problem. There are many waterfalls just a few meters away from the road. But we do recommend to search for the hidden ones. You can even swim at some of the waterfalls!

2. Hotsprings

If you don’t like cold water you can try the hot springs. The hot springs are a delight to swim in. Especially the thermal pool of Furnas. The pools are surrounded by palms, ferns and conifers of a subtropical Atlantic forest, which makes it so surreal!

3. Fumaroles

Yes, you can also find geysers at the Azores! The difference with Iceland is that these geysers are surrounded by tropical vegetation! I thought it was very fascinating to see the geysers at Furnas, which is situated at the crater of one of the most active volcanoes of the Azores! Knowing that the heat comes from deep under the ground, makes it a little scary!

4. Lakes

The lakes all look different here. You have blue ones, green ones,… even black ones! You can hike around most of them which will offer you wonderful views!

5. Hiking

The Azores are known for great hiking trails. At São Miguel you have 21 official trails. Every hike has amazing sights and takes you along incredible places.

6. No massive tourism

Never in your life, you will hear such silence. The only thing you’ll hear in many places is the sound of nature; the wind through the trees, a waterfall, birds… not people, cars, airplanes,… what a relief! You’ll find yourself in places without anyone else around. No waiting for a spot to take a picture, no loud tourists who scare away animals, no waiting for a table at a restaurant. Just perfect!

7. The people

The locals are so sweet and helpful! They even help without ask. It is great to be in a place where everyone says hello to everyone! Also, the tourists are different from others. Everyone says hello and has respect for the islands.

8. Small towns

You’ll need to get used to the small roads, the non-existent sidewalks, and the uncertainty whether a certain food product would be in store the next day or not (depended on delivery and the weather). At Ponta Delgada, São Miguel there were some shops and restaurants but don’t expect a big city. It still really small and quiet. It is the only town with a shopping mall, which is not too big but has a food corner, shops like Zara and a huge supermarket.
You’ll need to adjust a little at the beginning but you’ll love the charm of these small towns with their cute little churches and squares.

9. Whales and dolphins

The Azorean Archipelago is one of the best sites to spot whales and dolphins. No less than one-third of all cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in the world can be found here. According to some tour operators of the islands, you have a 97% chance to encounter the mammals on their trips. How this is possible? At São Miguel, these elusive species are spotted by people who are at a lookout on the coast. They use powerful binoculars and guide the boats from the shore to the location of the dolphins and whales. Be prepared for some amazing video footage in the near future!

10. Magnificent coastlines

Flying above the islands gives you the best idea of what the coastlines look like. Dark cliffs decorated with different greens, waterfalls that debouche into the ocean and massive rock formations formed by lava. Every island looks different with its own features.

We could give you plenty more reasons to visit the Azores, but we think we covered most of it. We have plenty more to share with you all in the coming weeks about the Azores! So stay tuned!

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    TOP 10 reasons you should visit the Azores

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