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The Stunning Feasts of Santo Cristo dos Milagres, 2024

Santo Cristo dos Milagres festival in Azores, Sao Miguel

Santo Cristo dos Milagres

The Feasts of Santo Cristo dos Milagres have remained the largest religious festival in the Azores since the late 16th century. Traditionally taking place on the 5th Sunday after Easter, thousands flood the brightly decorated streets of Ponta Delgada to pay tribute to and re-affirm their commitment to the Lord. 

This days-long celebration attracts many second and third generation Azorean descendants to return to their roots and participate in this rich cultural and historic festival. A 500+ lb. statue of the Lord Christ is paraded from Church and Convent of Esperança along with a procession of music, dancing, and elaborate decoration as the festivities commence.


When is Santo Cristo in 2024?

If you’re looking to experience the entire feast from start to finish, it officially begins Friday, May 3rd, 2024, and ends Wednesday, May 8th, with Sunday being the most significant day of the feast. After Sunday is three more days of feasts, drinks, and parties.

We recommend visiting from May 2nd to the 9th to get the full experience, or stay longer to see everything else the Azores has to offer!

So mark your calendars for the 2024 celebration, as we invite you to be a part of this cherished tradition. We have packages that include flights with hotel rooms right in the center of the city, so that you can easily enjoy the festival in all its glory.

See our Santo Cristo 2024 Package here to reserve your spot and embark on a journey of culture, history, and spiritual connection in Santo Cristo dos Milagres.


What are the Best Hotels for Santo Cristo?

If you’re looking for accommodations that give you a front-row view of the Santo Cristo dos Milagres procession through Sao Miguel, we have two hotels that we’d highly recommend.

First is the newly-opened Vila Gale Collection. With its 92 cozy rooms and city-center location, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the feast. This enchanting establishment boasts a high-quality restaurant, where regional cuisine takes center stage, alongside a welcoming bar, an inviting outdoor pool, and the tranquil haven of Satsanga Spa & Wellness.

Vila Gale Collection Sao Miguel Hotel City Center for Santo Cristo
Vila Gale Collection Hotel


Another great option is the classic Hotel do Colegio. Nestled within a beautifully restored 19th-century manor house, Hotel do Colégio exudes the charm of a boutique hotel. Its origins trace back to the Golden Age of the orange trade between Ponta Delgada and England, adding a touch of historical significance to its ambiance.

Hotel do Colegio in Sao Miguel Azores, for Santo Cristo
Hotel do Colegio


These rooms sell out fast, so contact us today if you’d like to reserve your place.


Who Should Visit During Santo Cristo?

The Santo Cristo dos Milagres feast holds a special place in the hearts of Azoreans, its history going back generations. Whether you have familial roots in the Azores, or an appreciation for Portuguese culture, anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy the festivities on this important week.

So we hope to have you join us during the next festival to experience this historical feast for yourself!

Jesus Statue for the Santo Cristo Feast Procession in Azores Sao Miguel, historical picture from the late 1960s
A procession in the late 1960s, featuring our very own Pilar Antunes’ grandfather and uncle


First time visiting the São Miguel? Let our knowledgeable guides take you to the most breathtaking sites on the Island. See our exclusive São Miguel tours here.

Jesus Statue for the Santo Cristo Feast Procession in Azores Sao Miguel
The Ceremonial 500+ lb Statue of Jesus
Santo Cristo Flower Carpet in Sao Miguel Azores
A Traditional Santo Cristo Flower Carpet

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