The undulating central massif of volcanic origin dominates the whole landscape. Cones with smooth slopes rise from the top of this plateau, where craters with sharp, rocky walls have been transformed in lakes.

Flores island is found in the western part of the archipelago. Known best for its hills full of colorful painted flowers, deep valleys, huge crater lakes, plunging waterfalls, and high peaks. Flores has gained the reputation of being the most breathtaking destination in the Azores. It is a nature lover’s paradise, with many opportunities for hiking around its beautiful landscape. Visitors revel in touring the tiny white-washed villages and looking out for some of the rarest birds found Europe.

Area: 141,4 km2    
Population: 3,791 inhabitants

Highlights: Monchique Islet; Fajãzinha; Poço do Bacalhau; 7 Lakes; Fajã do Lobo Vaz; Gruta dos Enxaréus; Flores Museum;


An abundance of different pork dishes are traditional cuisines for the island. Salted pork meat is cooked and served with potatoes and cabbage. Taro root with sausage and water-cress soup is also considered to be a common recipe of Flores. Local dried cheese is produced on the island and features a supple semi-soft texture with buttery, herbal flavors.

Another very popular dish is the tortas de erva patinha, which bring together the concept of an omelet served with seaweed. Fish is an integral part of the cuisine on the island and is served in recipes such as roasted tuna and stewed conger eel.

In some localities, the microclimate is ideal for the growth of exotic fruits. The guava tree produces a mix of yellow, red, and purple fruits that are picked to make delicious local treats. And the honey is infused with the scent of the thousands of flowers that embellish this amazing island.

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