The landscape of Corvo is filled with black stone walls that divide properties. The barns, built with basaltic rock, are used to store the tools used in farming and fodder, and they add to the black stain that gave origin to the colour attributed to this island.

With a population of less than 500 and 15 miles north of Flores, Corvo is the smallest of the islands. Sitting in the shadow of a large volcanic crater, and with just one tiny community living in a maze-like village, this island really feels like the end of the earth. Visitors can Kayak around the most western point in Europe, take a walk along the island’s landscape, and enjoy the views around Monte Gordo as a part of a day trip from Flores.

Area: 17,1 km2    
Population: 430 inhabitants

Highlights: Caldeirão Lookout; Windmills; Nossa Sr.ª dos Milagres Church; Interpretation center of Corvo, Corvo Village;


The local cuisine mostly consists of fresh fish and seafood from the surrounding sea.

Corn bread is locally baked and is served with typical dishes such as the tart erva do calhau (rock grass). This is a type of seaweed that is picked from sea rocks and the salt water is squeezed off. Then eggs and flour are added to mold small tarts, which are then fried in lard.

In the Couve de Barça recipe, also known as kale and fresh pork meat, the meat is salted the day before. Then it’s cooked with thinly cut cabbage, potatoes, onions and garlic, and is served with sweet potatoes and corn bread.

Another traditional food of Corvo island is the local handmade cheese, which is cured for at least 60 days. It has a semi-hard texture, yellow color, and a slightly hot taste

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