About Azores

Why visit the Azores?

Apart from being one of the most beautiful places on Earth, as from last year, low-cost airlines started to operate there, offering very attractive fares and turning it into an accessible destination to everyone.

How to get there?

There are several airlines such as Azores Airlines, Delta, TAP, Ryanair and Easyjet, operating flights to the Azores from USA, Lisbon, Porto and London all year around. During high season there are also charter operations with directs flights from other cities.

When is the best time to visit?

Azores greeting card is obvioulsy the amazing and beautiful nature. To fully enjoy your holidays, the best time of the year to visit is Spring and Summer. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do during Autumn and Winter. There are plenty of cultural events, amazing restaurants and museums to visit.

How is the climate in the Azores?

Situated in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, at the centre of the anticyclone zone of the Azores, bathed by a warm branch of the Gulf Stream, the archipelago enjoys a temperate maritime climate, without great variations in annual temperature with an average winter temperature of 14°C (57°F) and 24°C (75°F) in the summer. Sea temperatures are also mild and vary from 17°C (63°F) in winter to a pleasant 23°C (73°F) during summer months.

What is the currency used?

The Azores are an autonomous region of the Portuguese territory and the official currency is also the Euro (€).

What are the forms of payment?

Most of the restaurants, hotels and car-renting companies accept common credit cards, but don’t expect credit cards to be accepted in smaller restaurants and hostels. Be sure to carry small bills.

Will I be able to use cash machines to withdraw money?

There are plenty cash machines in the city of São Miguel and at the Airport.

Do mobile phones work on the islands?

Yes. The Azores enjoy a good GSM coverage.

What is the Voltage, Frequency and plug type in Azores?

Electricity in Azores is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Azores with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter. Outlets in Azores generally accept two round pin plugs.

Do I have to worry with safety issues in Azores?

With a low crime level Azores are considered to be a very safe destination.

How to make a reservation?

To make a reservation you may contact our contact-center by our email info@atlantivacations.com or fill the booking form in the website.

About Reservations

What is the information needed to make a reservation?
Make your request with the most details, informing: – Dates of travel (in and out dates) – Hotel/Accommodation name – Type of room and occupancy and chosen meal plan – Complete names of participants (as shown in Passport)
How may I change my reservation?
To change the reservation you’ll need to send an email to info@atlantivacations.com
I didn' get the voucher in my email.
Your voucher may have been marked as SPAM by your email provider. Please check if our email is in you SPAM inbox. If you didn’t find the voucher, you may contact us through the ‘Contacts’ menu.
How may I extend my reservation?
To extend you reservation, please contact us at “Contacts” menu or send us na e-mail to info@atlantivacations.com.
I've lost my reservation voucher.
In case you missed the print you made of the voucher in the final step of the booking process, you may check your email for the voucher we’ve sent. Otherwise, you may just send an email to info@atlantivacations.com.
My information is incorrect in the voucher.
You will have to contact us so we can correct your data.
Is it safe to make a reservation in the Internet using my credit card?
All transfers of personal information between the user and the atlantivacations.com website are made using the SSL security protocol, which means that the privacy of the information is totally guaranteed.
I want to cancel my reservation
To cancel your reservation you will need to send us an email to info@atlantivacations.com with this request. Please note that, case there’s a cancellation with penalty, Atlantivacations will charge your credit card with the penalty defined in your voucher.
I need to add/change my flight details to my reservation.
Please send an email to info@atlantivacations.com with the new information.

Main Questions

What does the price include?
The price includes all the facilities mentioned in the description of the Package.
Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
In order to guarantee your reservation, you have to introduce the number of a credit card valid until the day after your reservation. You cannot make a reservation without introducing this information. You can use someone else’s credit card, such as that of a family member, as long as you have their consent to do so.
How can I be sure that my reservation was registered?

After finishing your reservation, you will see a confirmation page, with all the information of your reservation. At the same time, a voucher with the same content is automatically issued and sent to the e-mail that you inserted.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can easily change or cancel your reservation by sending an e-mail to info@atlantivacations.com with your reservation number and the changes that you wish to make. Each hotel, touristic animation company and rent-a-car have their own specific conditions for changing/ canceling the reservations, conditions that are specified in your voucher. Please read all the information carefully before contacting us.

How can I see the prices of the services that I wish to book?

On request quote page, you can introduce your dates, services, activities, tours that you wish to book and we’ll send to you as soon as possible your quotation.

When will I be charged?

Atlantivacations will charge your credit card if buy a product or if you have chosen to be a partial payment.


I'm travelling with children. Is it possible to book extra beds/cribs?
You will find all the necessary information in the “Hotel conditions”. In case there is an additional cost to be paid per extra bed/crib, it will not be included in the reservation price. You will have to send your reservation request for an extra bed/crib via e-mail, to geral@atlantivacations.com
What is the difference between a Double Room and a Twin Room?
The Double Room has one double bed, while the Twin Room has two single beds.


What does the price include?
The price includes all the facilities mentioned in the description of the package. In order to see a detailed description of what is included in the price, such as breakfast, tours, activities, etc check the package description. All this information will be available in your reservation voucher.
The hotel prices are per room or per person?
The price shown is per room, for the entire duration of your stay, unless there are any indications to the contrary.
Does the price include taxes?
Yes, the price includes all the taxes.
Is the breakfast included in the price?
It depends on the Hotel. Please confirm by reading “What is Included”.
Does Atlantivacations offer any discount?
The prices presented on the website are already the best prices available for the chosen dates. Unless there is any special offer on the website, the price shown is always the best rate available.
Do children pay the total value of the price?
This information is included in the “Hotel Conditions”.
Is it possible to use discount coupons (like those found in magazines, shops, tourism agencies, etc.)?
Unless the discount coupon is issued by Atlantivacations and has our logo, it cannot be used on our website. You will have to follow the instructions of the issuing company.