AzoresAzores-Covid-19-UpdatesAzores started vaccination today in São Miguel and Terceira

First batch of vaccines, with 9750 doses, arrived last night in the Azores.

The Azores received the first batch of vaccines against covid-19 last night, starting vaccination today, Thursday, in the islands of Terceira and São Miguel, revealed the Regional Government.

“There are 9,750 doses, supplied directly by Pfizer-BioNTtech, that start to be administered on the 31st, in the islands of Terceira and São Miguel, as those that reveal community transmission. This number of doses corresponds to 2% of the total of each supply to the national territory “, advanced the regional secretary of Health and Sports of the Azores, in a press release.

The vaccines arrived at Terceira island, where they were stored, on Wednesday at 22:30 local, following a part to the island of São Miguel, the next day, on the 06:50 flight.

“Users and health professionals of homes and residential structures, units of long-term care and health homes will be the first to receive the vaccine, within the scope of an initial phase that continues until March,” said the guardianship.

The regional secretary for Health and Sport, Clélio Meneses, accompanied the delivery of the vaccines to the Health Unit of Ilha de São Miguel and “was present to assist the start of the vaccination process”.

The vice-president of the Regional Government, Artur Lima, who oversees Social Solidarity, will accompany the start of vaccination on the island of Terceira.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 1,832 cases of infection by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the covid-19 disease, have been detected in the Azores, with 22 deaths and 1,423 recoveries.

There are currently 297 positive positive cases of infection in the region, of which 253 in São Miguel, 35 in Terceira, seven in Faial, one in Pico and one in São Jorge.

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    Azores started vaccination today in São Miguel and Terceira

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