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Sport Fishing

The Azores is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, especially those who love big game fishing. You can find large pelagic species a few miles off the coast and the world records for the fishing of some species have been set in the Azores. The best time for fishing is from April to October, and the most often caught species are the swordfish, the wahoo, the yellowmouth barracuda, several species of tuna, (such as the bigeye tuna, the skipjack tuna and the yellowfin tuna), the white marlin and the most coveted species of all – the great Atlantic blue marlin.

Featured Sport Fishing Tours

Fishing First Experience in São Miguel

2:30 Hours
São Miguel
Experience the thrill of a first-time fishing tour in São Miguel, Azores, as you cast your line into...

Bottom Fishing Experience in Flores

4-8 Hours
The perfect opportunity to contemplate nature and explore the incredible world of sport fishing.

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