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Scuba Diving

For European scuba divers, the idea of diving with phenomenal pelagic species usually brings on thoughts of far flung destinations in Asia or the Caribbean. That is, until they learn about the Azores. In Santa Maria Island, the most southeast island of the Azores archipelago. Enjoying a mild and sunny climate, it provides several activities in Santa Maria Island – Azores.

Santa Maria’s location provides excellent conditions for diving, among other nautical activities. It stands out the climate and the magnificent visibilities, which can be around 20 to 40 meters, where the Submarine Mount of Baixa do Ambrósio is a world ex-libris, being a coveted place due to the amount of jaguar and pelagic. The Formigas & Dollabarat reefs are also considered one of the best diving sites in Europe and the World, due to its crystal clear waters where you will always have the opportunity to observe more frequent pelagic species.

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