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The Azores have three magnificent golf courses: Batalha, Furnas, and Terceira Island Golf Club. They provide a unique contact with nature, without any buildings along the way but with lush vegetation. On the island of São Miguel, you will find the Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses.

Batalha Golf Course
Furnas Golf Course
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The Batalha Golf Course is located on the north coast of the island of São Miguel, only 10 minutes from the center of Ponta Delgada, and stands out for being a championship course that hosts major national and international competitions and where the green of the island meets the blue of the Atlantic. This course was designed by Cameron Powell in 1986 and offers 27 holes spread over 120 ha, with generous greens, wide fairways and sinuously contoured bunkers with black sand.

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The Furnas Golf Course is simply spectacular. In 2014, the North American Golf Digest, the most important golf publication in the world, elected Furnas as the second best golf course in Portugal. It is located in the middle of an imposing volcanic landscape with lush subtropical vegetation surrounding it – a truly incredible golf experience. The Furnas Golf Course is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the island of São Miguel in a plateau at the top of the Furnas Valley (which features the famous thermal springs and the Terra Nostra Garden) and near the beautiful Furnas Lake. It is just 25 minutes away from Ponta Delgada and 15 minutes away from Caloura and Água d’Alto.


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Playing golf in the Azores has countless attractions. Obstacles such as weather conditions do not exist here. You just need to have the will to play and the passion to welcome nature as your companion.

How to bring your equipment?

You can bring your own equipment. On the other hand, know that golf courses have equipment available for rental.

How to get the courses?

The three courses are located in privileged locations, both in proximity to the airport and in proximity to the closest cities, and have good road access. Between 15 and 50 minutes after landing, you could be staring around alone or with friends.

Best Time of the Year?

Golf can be played in the Azores during the whole year, thanks to the region’s unique weather conditions. Temperature is traditionally mild, and there will be periods of clear skies even during the winter, allowing you to play around accompanied by luxuriant shades of green.

Where to Start?

The courses are open to players of all levels, with specific areas, according to each player’s level. If you are a beginner or if you want to learn a bit more, there are academies which are ready to help you. In terms of entertainment, a number of programmes are available when you play in a group: power plays golf, golf debut, putting contest and horse.

What is pasture Golf?

It is a type of golf in expansion in the Azores that is played outside traditional courses. Imagine stroking the ball in the middle of a pasture having cows for spectators and you will get an image of the singularity of this new sport. The rules are the same, but the etiquette is somewhat changed. Playing is open to the whole community (residents and visitors) in an experience that guarantees contact with pure nature and a lively socializing with local inhabitants.

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