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The number of U.S. residents in Portugal climbed by 45% last year to 6,921 and has almost tripled in the past decade. Many are drawn by a low cost of living, healthcare, a sunny climate, tax incentives and because Portugal’s resident visa requires less income than many other countries in Europe. Americans, including many retirees,...


Ready to spice up your next international getaway? All you’ll need to do is flip open your passport to reveal a whole new look. That’s because U.S. passports are about to get a significant facelift—just in time for summer travel. Dubbed the “Next Generation Passport” (NGP), this new iteration of the classic U.S. passport is...


“Why should I use a travel agent, rather than just booking my trip online?” You might have asked yourself this question before, when hearing about travel agents. This guide to understanding travel agents is designed to shed light on why more and more travelers are relying on professional travel planners like us for their trips!...

Following up on a couple of comments about testing figures recently, Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos by chance yesterday revealed the positivity rate that has department was experiencing when conducting the extensive testing being undertaken on the island. Stressing that the Regional Government continues to monitor the pandemic evolution, Pedro Ramos says that...

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