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In the Azores, horseback riding is more than a sport, it is a tradition. It is believed that horses have been present in the archipelago since its settlement, as they are listed in the property inventories from the beginning of the 16th century. Back then, owning a horse was a luxury that only the affluent could enjoy. Rarely used for work, they were a symbol of noble distinction. With the passage of time, the social constraints faded and, from generation to generation, horses started to be part of the daily lives of Azoreans, both helping in rural tasks and as a companion during relaxing rides through the landscapes of the islands. Walking or trotting, sitting on a saddle or in a carriage, the discovery of trails and lakes is an unforgettable experience during which time gallops away. The islands feature many riding centers and tourist entertainment companies that offer horseback rides and riding lessons that are available all year round and are accessible even to those who have never ridden a horse.

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    Horse Riding

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