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401-410-3418 info@atlantivacations.com

Our Exclusive Santo Cristo 2024 Package Sold Out, Stay tuned for 2025!

Experience an extraordinary trip to São Miguel, featuring roundtrip flights and city-center hotel rooms, during the week of the Santo Cristo feast

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Discover the breathtaking Azores Archipelago and Madeira islands with our guided tours.

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To curate unforgettable vacations, tailored to your preferences and delivered with exceptional service.

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With offices in both the US & Azores, we are here to help, before, during, and even after your trip.

Discover the Azores & Madeira with our tailored getaways

From couples' retreats to corporate events, AtlantiVacations offers customized vacation packages for every occasion

Tours and Activities

Guided Tours São Miguel

Discover São Miguel island with Atlantivacations!

Customer Reviews

  • One of the best adventures, ever!

    I can’t thank you enough for making our trip to the Azores wonderful. Barbara and I have enjoyed. Our two guides were exceptional in showing us the wonders of São Miguel & Terceira!

    Barbara & Arthur
  • Terrific Trip to São Miguel

    Atlantivacations provides an excellent opportunity to experience all that São Miguel has to offer. We took all three full-day tours during our one week. We would highly recommend their service for great value and their responsiveness to our needs.

    Adriana Ferns
  • The Azores are simply Amazing!

    You made our Azores trip memorable. They picked us up at our hotel and brought us to three separate tours. Great prices, Filipe speaks English fluently and we will call them again next year for sure!

    Ann & John
  • Best Trip ever!

    We were a group – 8 persons during 7 days onSão Miguel island and we used the Atlantivacations agency for all days. They took care of everything, Airfares, hotels, tours, activities. Highly recommended!

    Margaret & Linda

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