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If you want an enriching trip, which you will never forget, the Azores are your destination.


A unique and independent selection to some of the most beautiful, charming and romantic hotels in the Azores, Portugal


The breathtaking landscape is the perfect setting for unforgettable rounds of golf in an environment of pure nature of the Azores


Get ready to live moments of great emotions! Discover the
best activities in The Azores.


Azorean Travel Experts will make your trip an incredible adventure. We provide guided tours to breathtaking places on the island of São Miguel, Azores. More than a tour, it’s an experience!

10 reasons you should visit the Azores

We could probably name a hundred reasons why you should travel to the Azores. The Azores are nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they are so...

Thermal Baths and Spas in São Miguel

The Azores archipelago is known not only for its natural beauty and landscapes but also for the natural properties and health benefits its thermal waters provide. This list will provide...

What to visit in Sao Miguel island

The Azores Archipelago, a group of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic, is a tourist destination yet to know but with a unique beauty. Composed by 9 islands, the Azores in general and São Miguel, in...

How to get in Sao Miguel island

Unless you want to adventure yourself to get there by boat, the easiest way is by plane. During many years, only Azores Airlines had flights to the Azores, which made it a very expensive...

Legend of “Sete Cidades”

This legend is very well known in Portugal, as it is about one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, located in the Azores. It is a beautiful love story that I believe will touch...